Ride For Kids Dual Sport 2017

Once again the Ride for Kids Dual Sport Ride was a huge success. We had not planned on going because we had the highly coveted camping reservations in Yosemite National Park. But the forecast for the park was to be 20 degrees and snowing, so we decided to skip it for this year.  Unfortunately none of our LABiker friends could join us so it would just be Frank and I riding.

The weather was perfect: not too hot and not too cold. After the all important pancakes, raffles and Honda giveaways, there was also the Celebration of Life and the announcement that we raised over $53,000 this year!!  Way to go RFK task force leaders and fundraisers!

I will not go into too many ride details this year other than I crashed way too many times and that takes it out of you.  I was tired, and tired of crashing.  We had so much rain this season so I am blaming it on the giant “swallow your bike” size ruts, and not my ability. I will give the top crash prize to Frank as he tried to ditch his bike over a cliff, and needed help from other guys and even used the straps to pull it back up the hill.

Make sure to mark you calendar for every April to join the RFK Dual Sport that starts at Glen Helen Raceway, and takes you up into the mountains and around Lake Arrowhead for a great day of riding.


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