Monique 2002

’88 Suzuki Katana, Canada trip 2002

In high school I had a couple friends with motorcycles, and I dreamed of one day having my own. I have been riding street bikes since 2000, and started riding dirt bikes around 2008. My current bikes are a Honda VFR and a Honda CRF 250x, and the newest edition the 2000 Honda Shadow with sidecar.

Monique and VFR

2000 Honda VFR

My husband also rides street and dirt, and my two kids are novice dirt bike riders. I have had the opportunity to ride up and down the west coast from Canada to Baja, and quite a lot in between. There is so much fantastic riding in the state of California, and we are so spoiled with great roads and great weather almost year round. We also do a lot of camping and dirt biking with friends.  In 2016 my kids and I traveled across the country in the sidecar for the Sister’s Centennial Ride, and that really ignited the already strong desire to travel more.

Monique at Kennedy Meadows

Kennedy Meadows

I am the Media coordinator for Los Angeles Ride for Kids (please see my charity page for more info). Frank and I also help as sweep riders for the two-day LA Barstow to Vegas Dual Sport. We have had many adventures on our street and dirt bikes, and hopefully we will see you on a ride soon!

Monique Filips

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