Day 12: Garden of the Gods and Cripple Creek

monique on frank's bikeI’m taking a break from a long write-up since I am falling behind.  I rode Frank’s bike around and he piloted the sidecar rig while we hit more beautiful scenery near Colorado Springs. Here is what we did today:

1. Garden of the Gods: Fantastic modern Visitors Center with many interactive displays in large touch screen form. The kids loved this place. The views and the short drive were stunning.  I would love to come back here to go camping and hiking.

  • DSC09969 Resized
  • Makayla earning a junior ranger badgeMakayla earning a junior ranger badge
  • DSC09977-Resized-1-1024x683-ps
  • garden of the gods

2. Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument:  Another great visitors center with lots of fun kids stuff, lots of cool fossils, and petrified trees.  We did not have time to do everything.

  • fossil
  • DSC09992 Resized
  • DSC09989 Resized

3. Had lunch in a casino at the historic mining town of Cripple Creek. Cute little town with a really steep main street, and old-fashioned looking buildings.
cripple creek

To view more photos, click here: 

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  • DSC09978 Resized
  • DSC09975 Resized
  • DSC09974 Resized
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  • fossils
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  • cripple creek

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