Springfield, MA to Sayre, PA

heading outThe first real day of riding started with a quick trip to the tire place to get the lug nuts tightened before I took off. If you are ever in Springfield MA, the guys at Tire Warehouse are great!  I then realized that the only GPS route that was not loaded was today’s route, even after I spent so much time the night before checking everything. So it took me a while to get out of the Springfield area. I may or may not have take a few wrong turns going through some traffic circles. My GPS and I were not in agreement on a few things, but I finally got out of there. I was fairly certain that these delays put me about an hour behind the main group.

churchI  went west and north, following Jacob’s ladder scenic road.  I am loving how lush and dense all the tree are in this area. It is like a non tropical forest/jungle. Amazing what a little bit of rain can do, right? California needs some of that!  At the next gas stop I actually caught up to the last group as they were finishing up. The next battle was getting through numerous toll roads.  I am certain we were quite a spectacle going through those toll booths.

We finally got farther out, and we had mile after mile of curves, hills, green farmland, hay bales and more trees.  I lost count of all the big red barns that dotted the rolling hills.  Our lunch stop was Shirley’s Stoney Creek Restaurant, for food and ice cream.

Road to SayreAt that point I decided to break off from the planned route to make a side trip up to the south end of the Finger Lakes area.  I was not expecting upstate NY to look like a “perfectly groomed” hilly version of Nebraska. Absolutely gorgeous area. I headed to Burdett, NY to visit my old friend Dr. Roberta Mann, from my days working at Torrance Memorial. She now owns a cute little restaurant in town, that she runs during the summer season.  After, we said our goodbyes, it was south to Sayre, PA for a well needed dinner and shower.

The kids did great, they have not started complaining, and they are reading lots of comic books on the iPad. We covered over 300 miles yesterday, but tomorrow will be less.

To view more photos, click here: 

DSC09571 DSC09570 DSC09568 DSC09566 Road to Sayre


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  • Ha ha, comic books on an ipad, in a sidecar. I guess I can see how some light reading could enhance a cross-country moto adventure.

  • Way to go, Mo! I loved the Finger Lakes region when we went a few years back. We stayed at a B & B that was once the summer home of Eleanor Roosevelt. Upstate New York is beautiful! Safe travels, my friend. I’ll be reading your blog along the way.


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