Sayre, PA to Greensburg, PA

Waving helloIt was tough waking up this morning. I am super tired, tried to get this posted, and both kids are still wired at night because of the time zone difference. It would be safe to say nobody wanted to get up this morning. It also takes me a little while longer to get everything loaded in the trailer and get everything situated.  I have a feeling we will always be one of the last ones to get going in the morning.  Maybe by San Francisco I will get it all figured out.

barn and field of flowersContinuing in the westerly direction, HWY 6 was our main scenic route for us to see even more green rolling hills and farmland. I am having trouble taking pictures because there are really few places for me to pull over safely. The roads on our route are two lanes, and there is barely any shoulder to park on. In most areas, it is the size of a bicycle lane. Whenever I see something that I want to check out, it is not always safe.  So I feel like I am missing out on some great photos to share. We did get to see a lot more water today, some small lakes and ponds, and a few cool bridges, alas no photos.

Punxsutawney PhilWe had a nice lunch stop in Port Alleghany, at Cabin Kitchen, before heading to Punxsutawney to see about a groundhog named Phil. The town has a bunch of groundhog sculptures painted in different colors and themes.

After about 275 miles we finally got to Greensburg, PA. Tomorrow would be a shorter day, but rain was in the forecast.

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DSC09588 DSC09585 DSC09584 DSC09582 DSC09579

DSC09578 DSC09576

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