Random Thoughts on America

OK, so here’s the situation, my parents went away on a weeks vacation…(bonus points if you just sang that in your head!)

No really, here are my random thoughts about America and the things that I have seen on this trip.

  1.  There is a lot of road kill out there. I mean A LOT. We have it in California, but not even close to the plethora of dead animals that I have seen so far.  Skunks, raccoons, deer, opossums, birds, ground hogs?, and who knows what else…And the smell, well it is something special.
  2. The amount of corn that is growing in this country is incredible.  I got to thinking about how much corn and corn stuff we must eat and found out that Iowa State University’s Center for Crops Research Utilization by way of the National Corn Grower’s Association has a giant infographic showing every thing under the sun made with corn. Who knew?!
  3. There was a surprising lack of political posters and campaign signs.  I thought for sure I would see more, but in fact I saw almost none. Who is America voting for?? I have a feeling we will look back on this election of 2016 with many mixed thoughts about the 2 leading candidates.
  4. In California there is a helmet law. Many states do not. There are so many people out there who do not where helmets. I personally don’t like the idea of getting hit in the face by a small rock or bug at 70mph. I get that people like to “feel free” and “feel the wind on my face”.  But I like keeping my head protected. ATGATT!!
  5. I have met way to many people who refer to California as “Cali”.  I find this quite humorous. Plus all I can think about after they say it is that 1989 son by LL Cool J. I also love one of the Urban Dictionary definitions of Cali: ANNOYING word that people who dont live in california use when talking about california, and think they are cool saying it. seriously inlanders, stfu and just say california instead.
  6. Eating on the road is not healthy.  Way too much salt. There were some days when I felt my fingers were and toes were like giant sausages.  It was difficulty to find fruits and veggies in the middle of nowhere, but there was always a Dairy Queen.
  7. There are some really amazing and nice people in the United States.  I met so many people that were so sweet and genuine, and really enjoyed talking to them about the bike, the trip and everything. And the few times we needed repairs or help, everyone was fantastic about helping us out.
  8. It is a really big country.  I was on the road for over 22 days, and feel that I haven’t even scratched the surface on traveling in the US.  There is so much to see, and I tried to make more side trips to other things but just didn’t have the time. You could easily spend months traveling this country and not see it all.  I now understand why so many people buy a motorhome when they retire and just drive around for a couple years.

All I have to say is I can’t wait for my next trip, so I can learn more about this giant place I call home.

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