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Day 4: The Lemony Snicket Morning

Day 4: The Lemony Snicket Morning

So this morning started out fine, but it turned into a “Series of Unfortunate Events”. After breakfast I needed to do all my maintenance checks on the bike; check the tire pressure, oil, coolant, etc.  The bike needed oil, so I take of the oil cap, and put it on the foot plate, or so I thought. I was distracted a few times by people talking to me, and taking pictures of the bike, and I was trying to rush to get everything done. When I go to replace the cap I can’t find it. Anywhere. I look on the ground, everywhere on the bike, inside bags, inside the tool kit. Did I kick it and send it flying off into the dirt somewhere? I spent 10 min looking for that thing, and I was borderline in panic mode because now everyone but a few have already left. I finally find it resting on the big flat metal plate/bracket that holds the sidecar to the motorcycle. So relieved yet frustrated at the same time.  I finish up, go get the kids, load up the trailer with all of our stuff, get everybody ready and buttoned in…we need to go, we are late!  I can’t find my phone. GRRR!!  I look through everything. I even unpack the trailer to look in suitcase that has my laptop. Nothing.  I go into the restaurant were we had breakfast and someone had found it and turned it into the front desk. NOW we can finally get going. I follow the GPS and start heading east as it told me to…EAST? That can’t be right. Another rider pulled up next to me and I ask her…she says she is going to a motorcycle dealer and I should be going the other way. So I pull over and check. This is what happens when you are too tired to check your route the night before, so you have an idea of what you are supposed to be doing. GPS was right, I should go east. I get to the Lincoln Highway Experience Museum right when the first group is getting on their bikes to leave. Late again! the kids and I get our gear off and immediately are interviewed by a local reporter. The museum has motorcycle shaped cookies and drinks waiting for us! The morning is looking better already.  We do a quick tour of the museum, and hustle back on the road. I missed the GPS prompt for the super quick left turn, which was probably a U-turn to go west. I am now stuck on this road for 8-10 miles before I can get to another turn around or exit. UGGGGH!! I don’t need to add an extra 20 miles to my day! I finally get turned around and it starts raining. Pull over, put on rain gear, get the windows on the sidecar. I stop for gas and the kids are really hot and the rain stopped so we take the windows[…]

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