Black Girls Ride Kickoff Party at Eagle Rider

IMG_3938I have a lot of people tell me how amazing it is that I’m driving across the county with my kids, and some people are even kind enough to tell me I’m a “Bad Ass” Well guess what? There are some other women that are even more Bad Ass than me.

I saw a post on Facebook  about a local event. It looked like I had a chance to meet some other women that were doing the Sister’s Centennial Ride. So we all went to the Black Girls Ride Kick off party at the Eagle Rider in Los Angeles. They know how to throw a pre trip party. DJ spinning some great music, food, dancing, my daughter was in heaven.

IMG_3941The “wow” moment of the night was meeting the ladies and finding out that they were doing more than just the Sister’s ride. They were riding from California, to Miami, then to Key West, then up to New York, THEN they were going to ride all the way back to California. Holy Cow! So impressive.

It was great to meet fellow riders, check out all the bikes in the parking lot, as well as all the gorgeous Indians inside for sale. Thanks to Eagle Rider for hosting the location.

To see more photos, click here: 

IMG_2103 Black Girls Ride Kickoff

IMG_2105 IMG_3940


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