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Ride for Steak at Jocko’s!

Ride for Steak at Jocko’s!

“…Lovely watching the elegant yellow Tug negotiate said twisties with precious cargo aboard, while squids launch themselves over guardrails failing at same test. This I will never forget….”    George B.   My husband grew up on a cattle ranch in the sand hills of Northeast Nebraska, where they grow their own corn, soy, and alfalfa to feed their cattle. He states that the best steak he has ever had is at Jocko’s Steak House in Nipomo, CA.  Our motorcycle club, LABikers, tries to get up to Jocko’s once a year, and we make a 2 day trip out of it. Our group motto just happens to be ride, eat, repeat, and this trip would not disappoint. Another reason this trip was important is that we needed to “practice” with the kids to make sure all or our systems were in place and worked. We had the iPad, books, camera, new apps on the phone and iPad, and our new helmet communicators. We also needed to test out the comfort factor of the rig for all of us. This would be the first of two weekends in a row that the kids would be in the sidecar for long periods of time. We were putting the kids (and me) through sidecar bootcamp! We all met at Cactus Patch restaurant in Moorpark for breakfast. Good food and good company. For most of our friends it was the first time they saw the sidecar. Once all the tire kicking was over we hit the road. I would always be the slowest, so I took off knowing they would catch up. The quick details: Balcom Canyon, S. Mountain Rd, the 150, the 33 into Ojai for a gas stop, then continued on the 33 over the mountain, into the valley going north past Taft. Our lunch stop was the McKittrick Hotel and Penny Bar. This is one of those iconic, out of the way but totally worth the drive diners, with a bar in the back where everything is covered in pennies.  The place was packed and those ladies were hopping to get all the orders out. Lots of good food and great stories where shared by all. Time to get moving! We hit the 58, did a quick loop on the 229, then eventually got on the 101 to head south to Nipomo. We made great time, so we had the chance to hit the pool and hot tub at the hotel before dinner, since or reservation was not until 7:30pm. To read more, click here: 

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